Become A Leader in Your Own Community

Become A Leader in Your Own Community

Being a valuable community member has countless benefits. No matter where you live, there are things you can do within your own community that will not only earn you respect, but also further your own skills, confidence and sense of fulfillment.

Becoming a leader in your community simply requires you to take initiative and to pinpoint local issues that you feel strongly about. This can be anything from envi­ronmental issues, to business related concerns, or anything in between. Most communities have clubs, groups and organizations like No Doubt Inc. that bring people together who have an interest in a common cause. Gathering information about the interest groups in your community is a good place to start if you wish to become an influential leader.

Your leadership skills can entail any of the following attributes that you could put to good use throughout your community:

– Ability to speak publicly

– Being able to train others

– Building unity amongst the community

– Raising awareness of local issues

– Communicating with local officials on behalf of community members

Teamwork, decision making, planning, vision, communication and persuasion are all important traits of a good leader. With a little research you can find areas throughout your community where these skills are desperately needed. Some examples include:

– Local lobby groups who wish to build a case to their local council or officials to achieve a goal; this can be anything from halting a development, enhancing local parks and gardens for public use, seeking funding for sports clubs or community centers, and so forth. Any issue that arises passion in people and brings them together is where your leadership skills will be appreciated. Often, people feel powerless unless there is someone to take the lead and steer them through the process of achieving their goals.

There are so many little things you can do in your own community that will show­case your leadership skills. Not only will these things give you a deep feeling of satisfaction, but you can also note them on your resume and highlight your achie­vements when it comes time to apply for a job where your leadership skills will greatly increase your chances of being employed or promoted.

Now it’s your turn to let us know where you would or have used your leadership skill. What are you passionate about, where is it you want to see change? We’re eager to hear from you; leave your comments below.