Final BRB

BRB (be right back)… and you will be back. Your texts can wait!

Did you know that using a cellphone while driving is the equivalent of having a blood alcohol concentration of .08%? In New York State, you get locked up for that. Know that your life and those around you is more important than texting back.

Cellphones are here, and are here to stay. As time goes on, they only get savvier. To keep up with the future, mobile companies have joined together in preventing the use of cellphones while being behind the wheel. T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint and AT&T have created a program called “It can wait”. This campaign was launched to reduce the percentage of teenagers’ texting while driving (don’t sleep, adults do it too). How, you ask? Through sponsorship with Allstate; AT&T has created a Blue­tooth hardware that blocks the usage of cellphones within the car. Also, AT & T created a free app called “Drive mode” which auto-replies to the person you are receiving a message from; creating a safe environment for the driver, in which they are not tempted to touch or look at their phones.

This technology is just a first step in preventing the use of cellphones while driving. However, there are other actions done every day that are equally as dangerous; putting on make-up, eating, sorting through music, etc. This means that we as dri­vers should take the initiative of being more responsible and accountable when cruising. It’s time to man up (woman up, if the shoe fits) and be responsible, you know it’s right and it only takes a second to save a life.

Did you know

  • About 75 percent of teenagers actually text and drive. A startling number that can risk hundreds of lives.
  • Apps can reduce these statistics but we have to become more responsible be­hind the wheel.
  • To support reducing the amount of teen’s texting and driving, watch this video shot during road tests in Belgium.

We want to hear from you. Have you been involved in a dangerous situation while texting and driving? Whether it was you or someone you were driving with? Tell us about it and how, from that experience you would do different now. You never know, sharing your story may save someone’s life. Leave your comments below.