Entrepreneurship Ideas

Entrepreneurship Ideas to Make Some Extra Money

Going through high school or college with little to no income can be extremely chal­lenging. Often it is difficult to hold down a job whilst studying, or you may sim­ply be unable to find work in these trying economic times. Whatever the case, researching ideas and seriously thinking about starting your own business or venture for some income while you are in high school or college can be an excellent way to not only make ends meet whilst you’re in school, but also possibly set yourself up for a life­long career of your own making.

Here are 5 simple entrepreneurship ideas for high school and college students who are on a budget.

1. Dog Grooming

If you love dogs and feel comfortable with them, consider opening a small mobile grooming salon. Only a small investment is needed in the equipment for you to get started.

2. Lawn Care Service

Mowing lawns and pulling weeds is something that almost anyone can do, and it can net you some nice extra income that can easily be squeezed into your acade­mic schedule.

3. Handyman Service

Handyman, or woman, services are in hot demand as there are many people living alone or who simply don’t have the ability to perform small repair and maintenance jobs around the home.

4. Computer Repair

There’s a good chance that you know more about computers than many other people out there, particularly older generations. Undertaking a computer repair business is relatively easy and with the right marketing strategy you can bring in ongoing income.

5. Photography and creative services

Do you enjoy photography or graphic design? There’s always demand for these skills. Contact your local real estate agencies and see if they need someone to provide quality images of the homes they are selling.

Additional ideas include:

6. Housesitting and pet minding

7. Website design and development

8. Freelance writing

9. Tutoring younger students

10. Personal shopper service

Do you have an entrepreneur endeavor that’s not on our list? What do you do to make some extra money on the side? Were sure it’s awesome and we’d love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below.