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Studying 101

Studying 101: Studying Techniques for You As you progress through college, you’ll start to form patterns concerning how you study and what study techniques work best for you, your lifestyle and... Read more

Got Passion

Got Passion? What is your passion? Think about it. Really think about it. Now imagine yourself representing that passion into one of your businesses, making it into your pro­fession. Your passion is... Read more

Entrepreneurship Ideas

Entrepreneurship Ideas to Make Some Extra Money Going through high school or college with little to no income can be extremely chal­lenging. Often it is difficult to hold down a job whilst studying,... Read more

Fear or Fear Not?

Fear or Fear Not? Do you get scared easily? Do you have a lot of fears? Is it holding you back? Facing and accepting our fears is surely one of the toughest things we can do as human beings. Many... Read more

How to Recognize your fears

Recognize Your Fears Fear can be the result of a traumatic event or it can be something that has been ingrained in a person from a young age. There are thousands of different things, events, and... Read more

Become A Leader in Your Own Community

Become A Leader in Your Own Community Being a valuable community member has countless benefits. No matter where you live, there are things you can do within your own community that will not only earn... Read more

Talent into a Business

How to take your Talent and turn it into a Business. Starting a business can seem daunting; however, starting a business that uses one of your existing talents or abilities can make the process not... Read more

Quick-fire Ways to Recognize Your Gifts

Quick-fire Ways to Recognize Your Gifts, Talents, And Abilities Discovering your own talents and abilities is important for a number of reasons. Personal satisfaction is one of them, and so is using... Read more

Social Media Article

Social Media Article You got Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; the odds are if you’re in the know (and we hope you are)… You more than likely have one or more of them. As of today, these... Read more

Final BRB

BRB (be right back)… and you will be back. Your texts can wait! Did you know that using a cellphone while driving is the equivalent of having a blood alcohol concentration of .08%? In New York... Read more