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YOUTH EMPOWERMENT: We thrive on the raw talents and energy of youth who crave direction, support, resouces and wisdom. We provide quality resouces for youth 16-24 giving them help, advice and knowledge in EDUCATIONAL, SELF-DISCOVERY and LEADERSHIP endevors.

No Doubt, Inc. has provided young people in Queens, New York with valuable academic and social programs since 2002. The organization has a history working with youth to provide mentoring/coaching, case management services, workshops, trainings, and referrals for both youth and families.  Recipients of our services have gone on to higher forms of education and/or corporate America.  All continue to make positive contributions in their communities.

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Research shows that many  students aren’t motivated to achieve and don’t feel a sense of purpose. Many teens are lacking key tools and skills, such as goal-setting, dream-building, self-motivation, and time management.No Doubt helps youth to understand themselves and then apply that knowledge to the world around them. We help them to understand the importance of clarifying goals and accepting responsibility for one’s destiny. 

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No Doubt Inc. promotes the building of leadership that centers on higher education and the development of early professional skills.  No Doubt Inc. challenges the creativity and strategic thinking of their students through competitive group challenges, creative assignments and volunteer endeavors.  Our source of leadership is about changing mindsets and engaging youth and the community in utilizing available services to provide a better quality of life for us all.

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